Deceased doctor's husband distressed about comments of Conception

Sometime recently a lady-doctor and relatives of her family who were travelling in a motor vehicle towards Vavuniya passing Medawachchiya on the A 9 route the vehicle collided with a container causing a fatal accident. 

Sudeshika the doctor, the mother of her husband and his father died in the accident. The husband of the doctor Mohommadu Saboor was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. After this tragedy the doctor's husband points out that various undue propaganda was circulated and that much of that information was false information.

"My wife, mother and father ... all died from the accident. I can't bear it. What is this that is published in newspapers and the Facebook? In one of those it was mentioned that Sudeshika was pregnant. What is to be published and what is not to be published ... everything is put there. How the accident took place of course I can't remember now. Bodies of father and mother were damaged beyond recognition. That's all I can remember".

Sudeshika's place of birth was Narahenpita. She was the second child in a family of four sisters. She has an elder sister working in Qatar and a younger sister employed as an Engineer while another younger sister has already sat for the Ordinary Level Exam. Sudeshika has had her initial education at Dudley Senanayaka College in Narahenpita after which she had her schooling in Visakha College, Colombo. The romance which blossomed during her studies in her first school with her Muslim boy friend Mohommadu Saboor was kept kindling by her even after entering the Medical College which ultimately culminated in wedlock. That was an year and a half ago. She had been serving the Colombo General Hospital and was looking forward to face her new appointment in the new year at Karapitiya Hospital when unfortunately she had to become a victim of this accident. Incidentally Sudeshika's husband was attached to Telecom, Ratmalana.

This accident in fact took place when they set off on this journey on 26th Monday when going on a trip to Jaffna in the company of Saboor's wife, mother and father. He had stated that the accident happened when they were on their way to a relative's home of his in Jaffna. Early morning around 5.30 on the 27th they had passed Medawachchiya on the A 9 road and were heading towards Vavuniya and were passing Bhoo Oya Bridge and Nawankulama area when their vehicle had collided with a container, reducing their vehicle into smithereens.

32 year old Doctor A.D.A. Sudeshika died in this instance while her father-in-law 58 year old Papran and 53 year old Maleesa, her mother-in-law too embraced death. Sudeshika's husband Saboor who sustained serious injuries was admitted to Vavuniya General Hospital and after treatment there is currently in his home in Dematagoda. He is of course was saddened by the story that came up across the Facebook which was published saying that his deceased wife was expecting childbirth.

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